Welcome To Chesterfield Community First Responders


We are a Community First Responder group in Chesterfield and we would love you to be a part of it!

 Who we are and what we do?

Community First Responders (CFR’s) are members of the Community who volunteer to respond to Emergency Calls through the 999 system in conjunction with The Ambulance Service and NHS Trust.

Community First Responders provide care to patients in their local area before the arrival of an Ambulance or Paramedic.

 CFR’s are trained to deliver Life Saving intervention and defibrillation to patients in Cardiac Arrest. Other calls a CFR would attend include.

Diabetic problems
Difficulty in breathing
Heart Attack
Overdoses/Poisoning inc Carbon Monoxide
Animal Bites
Chest Pain
Heat/Cold Problems
 As Community Responders are based within the Community in which they live or work, they can attend the scene of an Emergency in a very short time, often arriving before the attendance of an Ambulance.

In the case of Chesterfield Community First Responders, in 98% of cases we are the First Emergency Resource to get to the scene, often arriving within minutes of the Emergency 999 call being made.

The Community First Responders can then begin vital life saving treatment before the Ambulance arrives, further increasing the patient’s chance of survival.

In an ideal world, there would be an Ambulance available on every street corner in each town or in every village.

This is not the case, and is why Community First Responders can make such a difference in their Communities, especially in rural areas.


How you can help?

Donations, advertising the group, becoming a responder yourself! Whilst the ambulance service provides consumables, there are many pieces of equipment that we must buy ourselves. This is a non-profit charity so all donations are used on supplies for the group. The more kits we have, the more responders we can have out on the road continuing this amazing work, and offering more cover for your local community



What’s in it for you?

We can promote any help you give us on our website, facebook and twitter pages, and also at future fundraising events we hold - and of course we can continue making a difference in our community.