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Thank you for your interest in becoming a first responder. We respond to 999 calls which include cardiac arrests, chest pains, strokes, breathing problems, fits, diabetic episodes etc and offer assistance until the crew arrive, and sometimes continued when they are on scene.

How it works

Using the kit phone provided by EMAS, the responder will call control and ‘log on’ using their individual pin number. The phone will be linked to a call sign which is set to a dispatch point. Responders on duty can then be asked to attend a job within a 3 mile radius of that dispatch point. There is no set time or length to the shifts, so when the responder wants to end the shift they just call control again to log off. Responders use their own cars to attend jobs. As it is voluntary there is no payment but mileage is reimbursed.

As this is a charity, responders are expected to help out with fundraising and marketing events so that we can continue to buy equipment and make a difference in our community.

How you can become a first responder

If you would like to become a first responder please click on the following link 

After completeing the application form you may be invited to a taster day to learn more about CFRs and what we do. Subequently, if you are still interested in joining us, there will be a short, informal interview. Following a successful interview and DBS check you will be booked onto a training course.

The training is 3 days for basic and the courses are usually held at Beechdale Ambulance Station, Nottingham or Matlock Ambulance Station. This includes an EMAS Corporate Induction and the First Person on Scene Level 2 qualification. After completing training your individual pin number will be emailed to you and you can then start responding! There is also the option to upgrade to level 3 after 12 months responding which will enable you to attend trauma jobs, under 12's and have training in administering a small variety of medicinal drugs.

Please Note;

To become a responder you must be over the age of 18, have a full driving license and your own car or access to a family car that you can use for the purpose of responding.

If you would like to help our group but feel a responder role is not for you then we are always grateful for people who can offer to help us organise fundraising events and generate donations.