The Team (Page 1)

Debbie - Level 3 responder and works as a Air Hostess within her day job. Debbie is also part of the Committee under the role of General Scheme Administrator/Recruitment and Membership.

Mark - Level 3 responder and also works for East Midlands Ambulance Service as a High dependency assistant (PTS). Mark is part of the Committee under the role of Mentor/Administration for the CFR 15 car and head of Fundraising.

Lorna - Level 3 responder. Lorna is also training to be a 999 call handler for East Midlands Ambulance Service

Tony - Level 3 responder, Tony also looks after the treasury side to our group and also deals with ordering uniform and kit so our responders are ready to go out on the road.

Debbie Level 2, Debbie also helps out on the fundraising team and also runs her own business.

Mark - Level 3 responder. Mark also works for EMAS as a PTS assistant and also is currently a call handler for 111